Lil’ Ol’ Me

Oh goodie you’re here! I’m so happy to start our cooking, baking, and decorating adventures together.  I am a compulsive buyer of cookbooks, and foodie magazines. I can spend my last dollar trying out every yummy sounding recipe I come across hoping for cheers and accolades from my minions (er, family and friends). Unfortunately I have found that most don’t pass the ease of preparation or taste test. Ugh! Don’t we all hate wasting food, time and money! That is why I started this blog. I am hoping to share with you the winning recipes that passed the muster, cake decorating tips a novice can do, along with party decorations most budgets can handle.

 I have raised a gaggle of kids (6), 3 of my own and my 3 amazing step-children. They are all magnificent grown-ups now despite my best, albeit unintentional efforts, to send them all into years of psychotherapy. I had the honor of being married to a wonderful man who passed away from ALS in 2009. His death brought tremendous heartache and sorrow that ultimately grew into a state of constant gratitude.  Through this experience I have learned to be thankful for everything that life brings me each day. I am grateful for you!

Let’s get to making a yummy, beautiful life!